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Fleshlight 続・マリー - Granblue fantasy Mom

[GGGG] 続・マリー (グランブルーファンタジー)


Characters: Mary (4)
Languages: Japanese HentaiKun
Categories: Doujinshi
9 pages - Uploaded
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#427934 - well now i got my chance and as i was laying there on my back bobby turned around and looked at me and asked me what was my favorite position and i told her one of the best one's that i liked to use was sixty nine and she asked what was that? as i esplained it to her that the girl turned around and sat on the guy's face where the guy could get to her pussy and she could get to his cock at the same time she said really i wanna try it. after about fifteen min's of sixty nineing and multipal orgasm's by the both of us and after even being able to get a couple of lick's in on her ass wich was wonderful cause it was also virgin and to hear her gasp in suprise when she felt my tongue running over her asshole was great cause she didn't do it out of pain but more of lust for more. when i answered it all i heard on the other end was mike i know bobby's over at ur house cause she didn't come home last nite and she ain't at anybody's elses house

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