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#124041 - Lo, why do you ask?!? Uh, oh no reason, Barb replied, it's just that you have a very sweet accent, and I was just wondering, that's all!!! Just as Barb was about to ask another question, Kimberly interjected, Come on, Billie, you promised you'd show us your new toy, so when do we meet him, you're not holding out on us are you!?! Billie made a show of acting hurt, but in a playful voice replied, You've already met him!!! When, Marion asked doubtfully, I don't remember seeing a big handsome young man here today, do you girls!?! Both Barb and Marion both mumbled that hadn't seen him either, and between sips on their coffee wondered when Billie was going to produce him!!! At that point, Billie called Monique over to her and asked, Do you girls think my new maid is cute!?! Uh, yes, Marion replied, but what that has to do with anything is beyond me!!! Just a mimute, Marion, Billie said softly, wouldn't you like to get to know Moni

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