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#385909 - ” Goldie started but was quickly cut off, “and that makes you a welcome guest in our home?” The Older Bear questioned stomping his foot on the floor, “please I have money”Goldie announced springing up from the bed “its not much but I can replace the broken chair and I can bring more food to pay back the food I ate” Goldie pleaded. A familiar tingling feeling made Goldie feel like his whole was swelling up as he shot another load of cum from his dick. The door opened and a tall woman opened the door, “sorry for being so late” Goldie said looking truly apologetic, the woman looked at Goldie with confusion on her face then turned and looked backed at a clock that hung on her wall, “you’re early” the woman said as a matter of fact looking back at Goldie, “didn’t expect this here until this afternoon”,the woman said “its not Tuesday?” Goldie asked, “Monday” the woman corrected.

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