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#86421 - He smiles and gently squeezes her hand, she returns the smile, a dark cloud seems to lift from her “Usually I’d say I don’t want you to put your future on hold for me, but if you want to wait for me, then we will both have to commit to it” Suddenly she grins “What is so funny?” “Oh just thinking that in two years you will be a freshman and I’ll be a senior” He blinks “Ah yes, then you will be an old lady and me still springy fresh” She laughs and punches his shoulder “I’ll beat you up with my cane you toddler” They share a laugh and finishes up their supper, he helps her clean up the table and wash the dishes. As she moves away from him, he glances down at her handy work, his cock is rock hard and throbbing, glistening with her saliva, he looks up to see her slipping her hot pants down and getting on the bed on her hands and knees facing him, a huge canary eating smile on her face. He closes his eyes, placing his hands on her head, sliding his fingers in be

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Gundo mirei
All time favorite another one
Miki tamase
She is being fuck good and she is blushing so hard
Ruri gokou
That guy was so damn lucky i would dream of meeting someone as daring as like you that way