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#318053 - Crystal Meth impaired my judgement, I lost my sense of morality and without realizing it, I allowed this drug to envelope me. He cupped my ass, holding me in place and all of a sudden, his tongue probed between my pussy lips and he began to tongue fuck my pussy, I grabbed his head with both hands and rose to meet each tongue thrust with a rhythm of my own!! As he tongue fucked my pussy, he took his index finger n slid it deep into my soaking entrance just as he pulled his tongue out! His tongue continued to lick my clit up and down as he fucked my pussy with his one finger, then stopping for just a second to add a second finger to my delicious torture!! I was delirious with pleasure, my eyes rolling backwards, my face going numb and my vision completely blurring out the sight of his mouth and hands devouring my pussy! Suddenly I cried out in sheer ecstasy and almost passed out as my body froze in place and my hands holding his head still as I exploded, my entire body tensing up,

Read Pendeja (週4)親愛的大叔 1-34 中文翻譯(更新中) Peituda (週4)親愛的大叔 1-34 中文翻譯(更新中)

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