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Wet Hajimete no Ato - Major Interview

(C92) [GKボルテージ (神風雅)] はじめてのあと (メジャー)


Parodies: Major (19)
Characters: Gorou honda (1)
Languages: Japanese HentaiKun
Categories: Doujinshi
36 pages - Uploaded
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#218121 - After confessing about lactating she passed me a little plastic T an inch long with coiled wire at the top then announced it was the contraceptive that was fitted in her womb, l blurted out did she want a baby, Silvia simply replied ‘we can try’, so l asked if l could put my cock into her pussy as not having fucked her hole yet, but she was not quite over her period. I came home the next afternoon and found Silvia in the kitchen washing up l threw my bag by the door and sat at the table she turned around and told me l was forgetting something immediately l thought she was hinting about me just discarding my bag, but she put a finger to her cheek telling me she wanted a kiss from her boy, l kissed her on the cheek and Silvia hugged me burying my face between her lovely firm tits. By the end of 2 weeks Silvia’s tits became like cow udders she brought a breast pump to save her milk l had it on cereal and in milkshakes.

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