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#301951 - My blonde wig takes ages to straighten but she didn't mind doing that for me while I put my latex breasts on and adjusted the bra so they stood out just the right balance of perky and feminine, and I finished off with a lovely white ribbon in my sexy ponytail. I can't help but notice how damp the front of my dress is where I've wanked off in her knickers so much that they're drenched, it's seeping through and staining my dress which is when I hear the door opening - She's home! She's home and she's not alone! I can hear her giggling and a man speaking so I go to see what's going on. As she pulled them up my legs to my suspender belt and over my little willy she said that at least tonight her knickers would be full of my cum and not somebody elses! She started rubbing my willy through the fabric of my dress and reminded me that I'd be wanking on my own while she was out flirting like a right slut.

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Omg who is the blonde
Kozue nanao
This is amazing i want something like this can they help me
One of the best couples on here for sure