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#375117 - My body felt so heavy, that same feeling you have when you forget your phone somewhere or lose your wallet or purse or car keys but 100 times worse than that. Under her breath, I can hear her say “this is going to keep me so wet all night. I said: “when you get home and see Mike, I want you to tell him that you want him to go down on you” she looked at me carefully, waiting for the next words to come out of my mouth and I continued with “I want you to make him lick your pussy through my wife’s cum covered panties while they remain on you and you can’t take them off, I want you to cum in his mouth and make him suck and lick all the juices from the panties” She shook her head in acceptance with a silly grin on her face and as she was about to get into her car, she hears me yell out “I want them back tomorrow” ….

Read Arab Henkutsu shosetsuka wa koi ni irodzuku |别扭作家的秋色恋情 Street Henkutsu shosetsuka wa koi ni irodzuku |别扭作家的秋色恋情

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