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#140930 - !! Isabell was saying as hot as it is why don't we go down to the creek and take a swim and play about down there!! What everyone else didn't know was that ol' Bull done had him a plan!!! And believe U me Isabell was right up with him about it!! As Maryellen asked Irene to go with her for a massage and Irene was more than happy to with her for that!! Thinking wow they have a personal spa' here on site!! She was about to get a lesson herself!!! As out the door they headed and wandered down a path to a separate shed looking house and entered as Maryellen rang a bell outside the door and then they went inside. Her hairy mound was now greased up and her cunt lips got a lot of it pushed into them as he massaged and massaged her there Irene so far relaxed did nothing to stop him. Now no doubt her Husband and the girls for damn sure knew, and who snickered a bit and looked at each other saying yeah mom you went horse back riding alright on a h

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