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#135586 - ” “Well go on, ask” He said “Ask what?” I said in a whisper Ask me for what you want” He replied “GO ON, say it” “Please can I suck your cock?” I couldn’t believe the words came out of my mouth!!! “And…” “And swallow your cum” He smiled at me, “There that wasn’t so hard was it?” He turned and walked to the door and locked it “Get those bottoms off, I want to see you naked in front of me as you suck my cock” I slid my PJ’s over my erection and sat naked on the edge of his bed, waiting for him. I looked down following his gaze.

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Haruka hasegawa
Same i turn the volume down and just enjoy the beauty of a women she is
Kayo hinazuki
So beautiful girl
Your deep throating is on point wow