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#105059 - I had my hair pulled and put into rhythm as he wanted a little more speed, occasionally he would pull his cock out and direct me to his balls, this time i grabbed them gently and cupped them better for licking and sucking. This was his play to give me an enema, he filled a small rubber bulb up with water and inserted it inside me, the warm water felt good for a second, i knew the process of an enema and sat on the toilet to empty myself, repeatedly we did this over and over until he was happy. He pulled out and went very quiet, could hear him wanking his cock, he didn't groan or sould like he was going to cum, instead he kneeled on the bed and put one leg over my body, he jerked off and said mouth open, tongue out then he blew all of his cum into my open mouth.

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Frau koujiro
Let him cum on your braces
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You re so sensual and beautiful
He is so hot dream guy