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#203617 - Are you trying to blame me for your condition, she said while interupting him!?! Oh no, he quickly replied, it's nothing like that, I just meant that you're so pretty and all, and well, I guess I just can't help myself!!! With the look on her face softening appreciably, she whispered huskily, You really think that I'm pretty!?! Oh yes, he gushed, you'e just about the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, and I really mean it!!! You're the first man that's said that to me since Frank passed away, she replied while wiping a tear from her eye, and you don't know how good that makes a woman feel or how much it raises her self esteem!!! I certainly didn't mean to offend you, Craig went on, now feeling that he was pretty much out of the woods, and from now on I'll try controlling my emotions!!! Just when he thought everything was all right, Paula Horton replied, I don't think you'll be able to do that C

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