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#243786 - I am now on sallery and work when one of the doctors need an assistant !. How would you like to come to work for me he said ? I have got to go out of town next week for a medical convention, how would you like to go with me as my assistant ? You will get paid for your time and a free trip, not to mention the fact that I am going to fuck that fine pussy of yours as much as I can day and night ! What can I say , YES , I did go on the trip to the medicl convention, not only did Doc fuck me as much as he could , two other doctors had sex with me and they both offered me a job to come to work for them ! I don't know what I am going to do yet, I love my husban , but now I don't think that he alone wil be able to keep me happy ?????????? What can I say ,I have turned into a slut and love to fuck men with big dicks and the fact is that my life is easyier . Now I know that I can relax and enjoy the fuck ! Now I start pushing my ass up at him trying to get more of that

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Oozora subaru
Amazing bitch
Lmao introduction is so funny
Ann fukuhara
It was a very good hentai different from the others i really enjoyed it still waiting for an anal hentai