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#92881 - Mom laughed when he brought it back and said, “It would be cute if he growled and picked it up with a little fight before bringing it back” and Johnny did what she wanted. “No, now really run after it on all fours, and bring it back in your mouth”, and she threw it again and yelled, “Fetch” and he went after it faster and picked it up in his mouth and brought it back. We won’t have to worry about crap like dress codes and appointments cutting into our playtime, like now.

Read Cogida Oishii Bokura wa Ikaga? Head Oishii Bokura wa Ikaga?

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Ufff quien me la mama asi
Tomoyo kanzaki
Thank you dear
Chiaki oogaki
Kinda sounds like ms incredible lol
Cure windy
You look so beautiful riding that bbc