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#151157 - I said, no shit? He said, oh hell yea man her fucking tit’s will get several sizes larger than they are now especially if we completely empty ‘em a few times every damn day. I told him when I walked inside, ok I got my fat ass bitch outside in the truck is everything set up and ready for her? Calvin laughed, hell yea it’s ready and waiting on her fat ass I just got to start the video recorders. I always told ‘em once she’s rented out for the night then they could use her big fat ass for whatever they wanted to use her for, hell I didn’t give a shit about what happened to that fat ass slut! She got to be such a good slut, she’d tease everybody that came to the damn house always dressing in these skimpy ass little clothes that showed off everything anybody wanted to see and way more of her bbw body.

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She is perfection love her