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#21276 - We sat on the sofas and talked for ages as we talked I saw that Elizabeth’s legs were parted just enough or me to catch a glimpse of her sweet shaved pussy we continued talking and as we talked I kept quickly shooting glances at her cunt and her big pink nipples that showed through her tight white blouse I noticed that Elizabeth was touching her breasts lightly occasional and having a slightly pained look on her face ”Is everything okay Elizabeth? You seem to be uncomfortable”, “ I am a bit remember when I said I was about to breast pump?, well I never got the chance to alleviate the pressure in my tits as it were, and now it’s getting extremely uncomfortable, I feel slightly embarrassed asking this but do you mind if I use my breast pump to get rid of the pressure?”, “Sure no problem, I’ve never actually seen it done, I would be interested to see it”, “Really? Jim normally doesn’t like to see it, it grosses him out ” I couldn’t believe that a straight man would be grossed out

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