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#230515 - James stroked his cock furiously for a 20-30 seconds, and whimpered the words Oh, Fuck, wishing so much that he could be her hands, needing to cum so badly, yet wanting to hang on till the experience of his life was finished, wanting to cum when he saw her cum. He instinctively licked his lips, ran his tongue around them, imagining he was placing his tongue at the bottom of her pussy and running it slowly up the middle of her lips, parting them, tasting her. Unable to stop himself, he gave his cock several strokes, rubbed more precum on the head of his cock and savoured the sensations as his eyes fixed on the patch of dark hair at the base of her abdomen, then switched to the curve of her incredible ass.

Read Handsome Shin'yuu tte Soko Made Shinakucha Ikenai no? Novinha Shin'yuu tte Soko Made Shinakucha Ikenai no?

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