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#43284 - She had be trained to lose her gag reflex after sucking him off hundreds of times , Paul still dated women his own age , but Sonia the old wench still gave the best head & she also had a nice fat ass for fucking , Grabbing Sonia by her leash , Paul jammed his 10inch prick to the back of her throat & unloaded a load of jism which Sonia immediately ate just like ice cream Chapter 1- The Next Day Sonia was dressed in a yellow bikini & spiked heels . He grabbed them by their respective leashes and brought them both to Sonia's marital bed which she shared with her wimpy husband Bill. Monique has such a sexy ass too thought Paul as he pulled out of Sonia, lubed up his fingers & anally finger fucked Monique before he shoved his 10incher up her shit hole .

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Maria renard
This is so hot
Cute boy please sent more of him