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#413950 - And now silence seemed to fill the village all except the constant beating of the drums sounding more like thunderous heart beats as anything of rhythm and sound. As suddenly before Ellen could move or know anything hands reached up from behind the tree and grasp her throwing her against the tree pulling her tightly over the top of it as long leafed green ropes now tied her wrist to the tree she was half over it her ass on the edge her back and head flailing back over the back end of it as her wrist were tied and she tried to scream out only then to have a wad of some jungle leaf stuffed in her mouth like a primal gag ball. He licked her out until she just all but seemed limply uncaring to anything her body to far gone from such pleasure to care at all now as the dog gave her a few last laps then sat back on his hunches as all could see her pussy was now opened a whole lot more and ready now to be fucked and fucked senselessly good by their choosing as again the Priestess made

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