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#402204 - I placed my hand on his arm to comfort him and urge him on, good god, he’s so beautiful, he doesn’t even realized how he affects me, how whenever he smiles after me my breathe catches in my throat, how my mind reacts when we trade dirty jokes, how bad I just want HIM. I woke up at about 7ish, and having woken up just after a dream in which I had Kara spread out on my queen sized bed moaning my name as I licked her out, naturally, I had a massive hard on. Inside the basket I had packed all her favorite snacks and food and when she caught onto this fact, she tilted her head slightly, looking up at me with a smile, the way she knew I absolutely adored; we then just sat and held hands for a while, her feet playing with mine while we listened to the music.

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Haruka koumi
I got you
She thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal btw im playing jokes