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#311733 - While I spent my time waiting for the others to wakeup I had the greatest idea I woke both Ned and Mia up and suggested to them that we should go on another camping trip just the 3 of us there’s a camping reserve uptown from here and im sure mum and dad would let us if we tell them were going on a trip to bond well if they only knew what kind of bonding we are doing, we pitched the idea to our parents and they happily agreed for us to do it this weekend. With the camping trip only in 2 days we had a lot to look forward to Mia was eager to do everything Ned and I are doing were gonna have a lot of fun training our little sister. At the end of the night we took turns sleeping with Ned’s cock in our ass, we made sure Ned drank a lot of water before he went to bed so we could wake up with an asshole full of pee.

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Misaki yamamoto
She is amazing
Mitsuki nase
Her name is aaliyah hadid