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#185260 - - To be continued?. i stopped for a second and asked: - Do you want to go on? - Hell yeah! (he responded) i quickly started taking off my hoody,i was wearing a light grey long sleeve t-shirt,i took it off, he chuckled, i took a look and noticed my armpits were all sweaty (Gross) i took the t shirt off, leaving the tank top on. my tank top was completley wet and David said: - Wow sis,have you been swimming in sweat? - i'm sorry, you know i sweat a lot,it's a hot day and i had to stay at the gym for 3 hours (i responded with a little bit sad face) - It's okay sis,i don't mind, i actually like it! - you like what?! - everything sis! - wow thats quite gross you really like it? even the smell? - yea sis i do! - cool,i like that (I smiled) He went down,i thought he was gonna lick my breasts and he did, but then i felt a tickle.

Read Nipple Hikari no Kimi no Saganaki Keikaku <Nokiba no Ogi> Amazing Hikari no Kimi no Saganaki Keikaku <Nokiba no Ogi>

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