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#20388 - Me and Amy laid together for a bit just holding each other naked i knew i had to wait for myself to be ready to cum again but that didint stop me from providing Amy what she provided me i kissed my way from her lips down her her neck along her chest over her boobs taking extra time on her soft nipples then making my way along her stomach to her freshly shaved pussy i darted my tongue straight inside her , her pussy tasted a lot different compared to the first girl i tasted , Amy tasted a lot sweeter later i realised i prefer a more savoury taste to sweet but that didint meant it tasted bad it was good i must of spent 20 minutes licking her pussy while i was doing this i could feel myself getting harder and i knew Amy was getting more horny we both knew it was time for the main event i asked Amy if she brought a condom she reached into her bra on the floor and pulled out a condom i rolled it over my cock and attempted to penetrate her this time i couldn't even get the

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