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#227848 - Jordan sat beside me playing with my soft cock, she was stroking it, wishing that it would become hard again, I had no idea how long my cock would take to recover its erection. Once the water was hot enough we both stepped under the shower, our hands immediately began running over each others body, my mother poured body soap into her hands and began washing my body everywhere, then it was my turned to use the body soap on my mother’s body, my hands and fingers went everywhere, I spent time washing her breasts, then as I began washing her cunt, my mother handed me the shower head and turned it to jet and told me to use that to clean her cunt, my mother held her cunt lips apart as I directed the jets of water into her cunt, I watched as the water flowing out of her cunt became cleaner. As soon as I closed the door my mother said, “First one home gets to pick what we have for dinner.

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