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#85086 - She is scared to death and realizes she is finally up on the auction block, many thoughts start to run through her head, as to where she would be going and who might buy her? Numerous men that have paid the additional fee, are fondling her her breasts nipples are pinched and squeezed! She yelps as her bare bottom is smacked hard! Rough harsh fingers find her slit and her pussy is getting wetter by the minute! She is first embarrassed and then ashamed after realizing that her now well trained body craves what is happening to her! Those who inspect her can feel her moistness and several make perverted comments about her ease of being a ready sex slave!. Until he realizes after viewing some of the E-Mails on her computer that she is craving to be sexually used abused and raped by black men with enormous cocks! Maya is so ecstatic after discovering that she has been had by Mistress “M” and her husband that she wants to repay her some how, and has buried her face in “M's”pussy and

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