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Happi Happy happy - Kuroko no basuke Caiu Na Net

(AK ZONE -extra game-) [トキワzone (成馬なる)] 法被ハッピhappy (黒子のバスケ)


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#159545 - I felt my body was so tensed, I was asking him to keep it going till I fully cum, and he sure knew what he was doing, he knew how to make a woman scream so loud, spraying out all of her hot pussy juices. In one slow and continuous push, it bulged into me, oh god that felt great, the first push he had about three inches in my pussy, he stopped, looked me in the eyes asking if I was comfortable with it, I nodded with a naughty face, as if saying “yes I want some more” He pulled out of me slowly till only the tip was still in my pussy, and then pushed again further this time, kept in and out each time going deeper till I felt his balls were resting on my body, the whole cock length was in me. We both laid there in bed as I asked him “what did you do to me uncle Steve?” He laughed loud saying “nothing, I fucked you, I know you loved it, can you deny that?” I kissed him saying “no I can’t, it was beautiful, but I am your daughter’s close friend?” He said” I won’t tell her, will

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