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#298585 - When the girls get home, I have cleaned both of their rooms and ironed their clothes dinner is in the stove I hate this my whole body hurts I am so tired I ask if I can go to bed early and she says after the kitchen is cleaned after dinner and if the girls don’t want to use me. When she gets up Daisy sits on my face I didn’t even know she was in the room she grabs me by my hair and tells me to stick my tongue in her pussy and I try to do what she wants but I am having a hard time breathing then I feel someone playing with my pussy and I begin to throb down there when she tells me that if I don’t do what she wants she is going to get a belt and whip my pussy I begin licking her fast I need to get some sleep and I don’t want to be whipped when she cums I think she peed on me I would later find out that she is a squirts when she cums it gets every where even in my nose. I also had to keep the house clean do the laundry and cook dinner I will also be home schooled.

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