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#347427 - When we found out that our league held their multiple state baseball tournament every year in Virginia Beach. So I surely hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I do telling you about them. But hey that was their lost not my But just listed few on them one was smoking hot blonde hair girl name brandy she was about two years younger than Myself she had have had at least 36 D rank nice body curves in all the right places than there was another girl Jackie G (well only the first letter of last name when necessary to distinguish one a partner from another with same first name ) this girl omg drop down gorgeous nice 38 D she had to at least five seven or a little taller hard brown hair that came down small of her back every time look at her I would thinking of all wild things we could do.

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Naru narusegawa
This nigga look retarded
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Kouji mihama
Lips that grip damn super hot
Urara shiratori
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